WOD: 5-29-12

Thank you all for your support on this amazing weekend. We have the best members/fans ever!!!

Strength: Back Squat

1×5 65%
1×5 70%
1×5 75%
1×5 80%

WOD:  For total time:

35 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
35 Burpee Wall Balls (20/14)
35 Burpee Pull Ups

1 minute rest between exercises.


Let’s start with this…

Reebok CrossFit Back Bay competed in this week’s Northeast Regionals.  Some ups and downs were had by the team, but the overall performance was great.  For a team that was put together quickly and with some relatively novice crossfitters, RCBB put up a hell of a fight.  The team showed that though some work is needed, what we do well, we do extremely well.  All of the team members would like to thank everyone who came and supported us and the rest of the competition.  This was a great weekend for both competition and community.

As a heads up for those who were inspired enough to want to compete AND for those who may be on the fence, I will be doing little write ups of what you will need to be able to compete.  A little food for thought if you want to a part of the competition in the sport of fitness.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

If you have PRed in your Back Squats recently, do not forget to use your new number for today’s calculations.  This will be the second to last week of Back Squats so make sure you get them in while you can.  Next week we will officially attempt a new 1RM and after that a lot of skill work will be coming up for the Olympic lifts and the more advanced gymnastic movements.  The WOD today is extremely short (only 105 Burpees) so you shall enjoy whatever flavor of additional work your coach will bring to the class.

Humbled by your support,




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